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CyBorgBackup is a Web and API Interface to manage Borg Backup solution on multiple servers based on Django and AngularJS frameworks.


  • Borg Backup system
  • SSH Connection
  • Scheduled job
  • Local and Remote Borg Repository
  • Catalog based on Borg Archive
  • Restore Test
  • Archive Size statistics
  • Client and Repository preparation
  • VM Backup Modules
  • E-mail notification
  • Auto-prune
  • Logs system


CyBorgBackup using the following tools

- PostgreSQL database
- ElasticSearch
- RabbitMQ messaging system
- Django framework
- Django REST Framework
- Celery and Beat
- AngularJS framework
- BorgBackup

CyBorgBackup have been separated in two project

- CyBorgBackup => The main API system
- CyBorgBackup-UI => The Web Interface who can manage multiple CyBorgBackup servers

The API Documentation / Guide

If you are looking for information on a specific function, class, or method, this part of the documentation is for you.

The Community Guide

This part of the documentation details the CyBorgBackup community.

The Contributor Guide

If you want to contribute to the project, this part of the documentation is for you.